Calatorie intre cer si pamant - Trail Run
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10 June 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
119Ciorescu Octavian 01:32:17Masculin 18-29 ani1Male1
256Jitaru Florin 01:32:20Masculin 30-39 ani1Male2
369Visan Laurentiu Florin 01:40:38Masculin 18-29 ani2Male3
428Dragos Benea 01:41:53Masculin 40+1Male4
52Simion Florin 01:43:28Masculin 30-39 ani2Male5
680Husleag Mihai 01:47:04Masculin 40+2Male6
764Toda Catalin 01:47:34Masculin 40+3Male7
86Adrian Popa 01:48:54Masculin 30-39 ani3Male8
954Raus Adrian 01:50:13Masculin 40+4Male9
1010Angelescu Adrian 01:51:22Masculin 40+5Male10
1121Cojocaru Aurelian 01:51:53Masculin 30-39 ani4Male11
1279Tanase Florin 01:52:02Masculin 30-39 ani5Male12
1320Claudiu Dumitras 01:52:32Masculin 18-29 ani3Male13
1483Tanasa Vasile 01:55:26Masculin 40+6Male14
1534Sosu Ionel Dorian 01:55:31Masculin 30-39 ani6Male15
1648Paraschiv Alexandru-Caton 01:56:19Masculin 30-39 ani7Male16
1730Dumitru Robert 01:56:44Masculin 40+7Male17
1835Ionut Florin Negru 01:57:07Masculin 30-39 ani8Male18
1945Olaru Mircea 01:58:13Masculin 30-39 ani9Male19
2082Tanasa Tudor 01:58:15Masculin 18-29 ani4Male20
2184Szomyu Florin 01:58:37Masculin 30-39 ani10Male21
2252Raducu Turtoi 01:59:28Masculin 40+8Male22
238Andreescu Constantin 02:00:12Masculin 18-29 ani5Male23
2460Tanasescu Florin 02:01:08Masculin 18-29 ani6Male24
2558Ilisanu Marian Bogdan 02:03:14Masculin 40+9Male25
2611Apostol Mihai Iulian 02:03:42Masculin 30-39 ani11Male26
2776Cremene Constantin 02:04:19Masculin 40+10Male27
2817Buciuc Sergiu 02:04:33Masculin 30-39 ani12Male28
2944Neagoe Ionut 02:05:46Masculin 30-39 ani13Male29
3050Petcu Ionut 02:06:53Masculin 30-39 ani14Male30
3173Adamoaie Emil Radu 02:07:11Masculin 30-39 ani15Male31
3237Jane Boboc 02:07:57Masculin 40+11Male32
3372Calin Adam 02:08:18Masculin 40+12Male33
3418Calugaru Andreea 02:10:06Feminin 30-39 ani1Female1
355Adrian Matasaru 02:10:57Masculin 30-39 ani16Male34
3674Radu Dragos-Ion 02:12:09Masculin 30-39 ani17Male35
3777Diaconu Ionut 02:13:21Masculin 30-39 ani18Male36
3825Daraban Ana Elisabeta 02:14:14Feminin 30-39 ani2Female2
3949Paul Varga 02:14:15Masculin 18-29 ani7Male37
4068Virza Daniela 02:15:41Feminin 30-39 ani3Female3
4127Dobrea Ionela 02:16:06Feminin 40+1Female4
424Adrian Bogdan Ion 02:17:19Masculin 40+13Male38
437ADRIANA NISTOR 02:17:52Feminin 40+2Female5
4432Ghilt Roxana-Maria 02:18:47Feminin 30-39 ani4Female6
4540Luca Elena Viorica 02:19:40Feminin 18-29 ani1Female7
4613Babei Nicoleta 02:20:39Feminin 30-39 ani5Female8
4712Arseni Florin 02:21:29Masculin 40+14Male39
4847Palea Valentin 02:22:22Masculin 40+15Male40
4916Branea Marius Constantin 02:22:27Masculin 30-39 ani19Male41
5022Cotloana Vasile 02:23:35Masculin 30-39 ani20Male42
Page 1 of 2 (80 items)