TriChallenge 10 Years
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15 Sep 2018
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
15234Trident 2 01:16:35Masculin/ Male11
25216Miscarea Cfr 01:19:33Masculin/ Male22
35244Piguleții 01:23:20Mixt / Mixted11
45206Ibsb 01:25:41Mixt / Mixted22
55235Trident 1 01:26:01Mixt / Mixted33
65230Cambridge School Of Bucharest 01:26:13Masculin/ Male33
75229Supereroii Obositi 01:26:52Mixt / Mixted44
85236Enel 01:27:13Masculin/ Male44
95237Vladislav 01:27:20Masculin/ Male55
105202Asp Brasov 01:27:50Mixt / Mixted55
115241Ibsb English Channel 01:28:12Mixt / Mixted66
125238ȘtefMarȘtef 01:29:06Masculin/ Male66
135209The Young & The Restless 01:29:27Mixt / Mixted77
145212Tribeach Brasov 01:29:49Mixt / Mixted88
155204Asp Brasov 2 01:31:24Mixt / Mixted99
165205Olimpia Ploiesti 01:32:37Masculin/ Male77
175231Tomitanii 01:32:54Masculin/ Male88
185233Trident 3 01:36:34Feminin / Female11
195221Mlm Team 01:36:53Feminin / Female22
205203Trichallengele 01:36:54Feminin / Female33
215223Ergami 01:38:11Masculin/ Male99
225239Cris-Cros 01:39:06Mixt / Mixted1010
235228Girls Squad 01:39:16Feminin / Female44
245207De La Salcie 01:39:32Masculin/ Male1010
255218Tribeach 01:40:25Mixt / Mixted1111
265215Gipanda 01:40:27Mixt / Mixted1212
275208Kmg Rompetrol Team 01:40:54Masculin/ Male1111
285211Spirent Av 01:43:01Masculin/ Male1212
295225Catena Old Boys 01:44:23Masculin/ Male1313
305245Adventurers 01:44:23Mixt / Mixted1313
315213Albinutele Electronice 01:47:05Feminin / Female55
325224The Wolfs 01:48:27Mixt / Mixted1414
335201Titanii 01:48:47Mixt / Mixted1515
345217Roya 01:49:12Feminin / Female66
355210Spirent 01:49:42Mixt / Mixted1616
365240Gifted Education 01:49:50Masculin/ Male1414
3752193oK 01:49:52Masculin/ Male1515
385226Catena Mix Team 01:50:18Mixt / Mixted1717
39522225 / one Foot 01:51:32Mixt / Mixted1818
405243Tri Ladies Team 01:54:51Feminin / Female77
415214Cutezatorii 01:58:25Masculin/ Male1616
425232Carton Team 01:58:56Mixt / Mixted1919
435242Vecinatatea Vesela 02:00:13Mixt / Mixted2020
445227Catena Happy Team 02:15:17Mixt / Mixted2121
5026Tandem Arena DNFMixt / Mixted
5220Lazylegz DNFMasculin/ Male
Page 1 of 1 (46 items)