Semimaraton Sibiu 2016
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28 May 2016
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1422Luceafarul Jidvei 01:28:39Stafeta 41Mixed1 
2402Arbitrii Sibiu 01:29:39Stafeta 42Mixed2 
320224 Fit Team 01:30:21All Ages1Mixed3 
4424Melcii 01:43:07Stafeta 43Mixed4 
5437Sunshine 01:45:04Stafeta 44Mixed5 
6403Balaurii 01:46:19Stafeta 45Mixed6 
7414Fast 01:46:33Stafeta 46Mixed7 
8440The Force Team 01:46:54Stafeta 47Mixed8 
9201#yolo 01:47:56Stafeta 48Mixed9 
10441Traficantii Atc 01:48:39Stafeta 49Mixed10 
11423Marquardt 01:48:44Stafeta 410Mixed11 
12425Micutii SQUAD 01:49:42Stafeta 411Mixed12 
13401Anonimii 01:49:44Stafeta 412Mixed13 
14413Fantastic Four 01:51:25Stafeta 413Mixed14 
15419Games Pot Sibiu 01:53:58Stafeta 414Mixed15 
16439Team Micutii Forrest 01:55:04Stafeta 415Mixed16 
17442Wenglor 01:55:46Stafeta 416Mixed17 
18431Ropardo. Keep IT Simple. 01:55:47Stafeta 417Mixed18 
19417Fulgerica 01:58:03Stafeta 418Mixed19 
20408Crocodilii 01:58:18Stafeta 419Mixed20 
21405Cereal Killers 01:58:41Stafeta 420Mixed21 
22407Claudia&Sorin&George&Tibi 01:59:05Stafeta 421Mixed22 
23428PowerRangers 01:59:53Stafeta 422Mixed23 
24429Praduitorii 02:01:05Stafeta 423Mixed24 
25436Sobis - Solutii Software 02:01:38Stafeta 424Mixed25 
26411Dreamteam 02:02:49Stafeta 425Mixed26 
27443Wildcats 02:03:05Stafeta 426Mixed27 
28427Pamira 02:04:10Stafeta 427Mixed28 
29420Happy Team 02:06:59Stafeta 428Mixed29 
30432Rotaract 4x5 02:08:35Stafeta 429Mixed30 
31412Echipa Vesela 02:08:52Stafeta 430Mixed31 
32409Db Schenker - Road Runners! 02:09:30Stafeta 431Mixed32 
33406Chilliez 02:10:23Stafeta 432Mixed33 
34434S?ge?ile Albastre 02:10:41Stafeta 433Mixed34 
35426Mocanitarii 02:10:42Stafeta 434Mixed35 
36435Smart Bill #timeisonourside 02:10:57Stafeta 435Mixed36 
37438Team Forrest Gump 02:11:14Stafeta 436Mixed37 
38410Dificilii 02:13:10Stafeta 437Mixed38 
39446Ursarii 02:13:32Stafeta 438Mixed39 
40447Ursarii 02:13:43Stafeta 439Mixed40 
41430Primul pas 02:14:20Stafeta 440Mixed41 
42444Wonder Woman 02:16:20Stafeta 441Mixed42 
43404Calul Din Torino 02:16:26Stafeta 442Mixed43 
44418Fuljerul 02:20:47Stafeta 443Mixed44 
45416Fitzii 02:21:00Stafeta 444Mixed45 
46421Khar & Partners Team 02:22:59Stafeta 445Mixed46 
47448The Flash 02:23:35Stafeta 446Mixed47 
415Filafill DQStafeta 4Mixed 
433Ropardo. Keep It Simple. Not startedStafeta 4Mixed 
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