Semimaraton Sibiu 2016
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28 May 2016
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Team *
24241Hairy Legs 01:55:19Stafeta 224Mixed24 
10293Why Are We Doing This?!?! 01:44:59Stafeta 210Mixed10 
22236Fratelli 01:53:45Stafeta 222Mixed22 
49238Fratii Prastie 02:03:39Stafeta 249Mixed49 
23266Rampampam 01:55:02Stafeta 223Mixed23 
2271Run For Fun 01:23:36Stafeta 22Mixed2 
14204Aas1 01:46:59Stafeta 214Mixed14 
8205Aas2 01:43:42Stafeta 28Mixed8 
66217Conforta 02:11:03Stafeta 266Mixed66 
260Powerpuff Not startedStafeta 2Mixed 
9265Racheta 01:44:11Stafeta 29Mixed9 
13220D&D 01:46:55Stafeta 213Mixed13 
40292Where's The Finish Line? 02:00:44Stafeta 240Mixed40 
19203A+ 01:51:33Stafeta 219Mixed19 
63243Iquest 02:10:06Stafeta 263Mixed63 
15250Morometii 01:47:45Stafeta 215Mixed15 
70264R&D Team 02:14:39Stafeta 270Mixed70 
62276Sobis-Solutii-It-1 02:09:54Stafeta 262Mixed62 
64277Sobis-Solutii-It-2 02:10:12Stafeta 264Mixed64 
279Sucevenii Not startedStafeta 2Mixed 
82282Team Kekwek 1 02:21:39Stafeta 282Mixed82 
84283Team Kekwek 2 02:21:55Stafeta 284Mixed84 
57295Zacaria Team 02:08:08Stafeta 257Mixed57 
77222Dastardly And Muttley 02:19:08Stafeta 277Mixed77 
1296Sucevenii 01:20:43Stafeta 21Mixed1 
27218Croco Dilii 01:56:01Stafeta 227Mixed27 
53219Crocolantii 02:07:02Stafeta 253Mixed53 
37272Run4Fun 01:59:21Stafeta 237Mixed37 
25251Mymeal 01:55:24Stafeta 225Mixed25 
48252N & D 02:02:49Stafeta 248Mixed48 
73221Dancers 02:17:44Stafeta 273Mixed73 
5234Festina Lente 01:32:06Stafeta 25Mixed5 
34259Phoenixconcept 01:58:43Stafeta 234Mixed34 
61274Smart Bill #bethechange 02:08:47Stafeta 261Mixed61 
60229Elanii 02:08:15Stafeta 260Mixed60 
42290Visma Tm 02:01:58Stafeta 242Mixed42 
65247Mazerunners 02:10:44Stafeta 265Mixed65 
44254Not Fast Not Furious 02:02:22Stafeta 244Mixed44 
30281Tarahumara 01:57:20Stafeta 230Mixed30 
18258Pfahnl 01:51:09Stafeta 218Mixed18 
284Team Zanzi Not startedStafeta 2Mixed 
33289The Wasps 01:57:48Stafeta 233Mixed33 
7210Batraneii 01:42:36Stafeta 27Mixed7 
17212Bruk 01:49:29Stafeta 217Mixed17 
12215Bubu 01:45:25Stafeta 212Mixed12 
58245Mamarutele 02:08:12Stafeta 258Mixed58 
76256Orizont 02:19:00Stafeta 276Mixed76 
81285Telemia 02:21:33Stafeta 281Mixed81 
46207Aleg Sus 02:02:30Stafeta 246Mixed46 
6237Fratii Brothers 01:41:24Stafeta 26Mixed6 
Page 1 of 2 (92 items)